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Every year, ROPEPCA members establish the priority directions of action for the Association.
Despite the fact that, given the volatility of the political and legislative environment, the strategic intent may
be modified, our vision in the medium and long term is a constant one.

Thus, the ROPEPCA priorities are:


The need to modernize the legislative framework relevant to the petroleum exploration and production sector and to increase market competitiveness

In order to improve the operational and commercial framework in which our industry operates, in view of increasing production and competition in the market, the two laws regulating the petroleum sector in Romania must be modernized and improved: the Petroleum Law no. 238/2004 and the Electricity and Natural Gas Law no. 123/2012.

Ensuring a stable and predictable fiscal and regulatory framework

The petroleum exploration and production industry requires major investments, which are recovered in decades. Therefore, a predictable, stable and competitive legislative and fiscal system, a balanced and stable public policy framework are essential conditions that ensure the functioning and development of this industry of tradition, but also of national strategic importance.



Creating investment opportunities

The petroleum industry in Romania is characterized by mature deposits, whose productivity decreases from one year to another. There are also many areas that have not been sufficiently explored, especially at great depths. Therefore, opportunities for exploring Romania’s subsurface should be created in order to generate new discoveries. The recent announcement of the 11th licensing round for exploration blocks is a first step in this regard. ROPEPCA salutes the launch of the 11th licensing round and supports the need for the regular organization of such licensing rounds.



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